About Us

Khawaja welfare society is named after Hazard Maulana Khawaja Zain-ud-din Chisti Nizami. He migrated from Mukhad Sharif (Dist, Attock) and resided on the west side of Tarag to guide the local population towards right path. Now there is an Eid Gah and Madrassa.

Geographical location
Tarag is situated in the middle of Tehsil Esa Khel. This Tehsil is under-developed due to its location. On its eastern side there is Sindh River where its west, north and south is surrounded by mountains. Local population is mainly farmers and the area is barren. Now there are some tube wells at scattered places. Expenses of tube wells are out of the reach of local farmers. Besides this, fertilizers, seeds, pesticides and related machines are very costly, due to this cost and profit became equal at the end. This is the reason that local people are living under poverty lines. The water is not clean, that culminate diseases. Educational sector is presenting the same situation. Schools are at distant places where approach is very difficult. That is why there is low literacy rate. Health sector is also miserable. Rain water is stored in ponds which then used by human beings and animals.
Reason to establish society
Khawaja welfare society was established in 1992 in a meeting of elementary school Tarag when its general body was selected. In this meeting a resolution was passed to continue the free eye camps in Ramadan.



  • Health Care for Poors
  • Welfare of Women and Children
  • Education for All
  • Improvment of Envoirnmental Hygiene



Name Designation Contact No
Sahibzada Muhammad Alla ud din Chishti Nizami  President +923018606551
Muhammad Din Shah Hashmi Senior Vice president +923025004451
Muhammad Umair Khan Vice president +923335270770
Gulam Muhammad Anwar General Secretary +923016357406
Muhammad Asad Khan Finance Secretary +923015645236
Chaudhry Abdul Razzaq Joint Secretary  
Javed Iqbal Office Secretary +923006094236
Muhammad Ramzan Khan Secretary Information +9233057274988
Muhammad Umer Quddafi International Coordinator +9233345266350

Executive Council

Sahibzada Abdul Malik Member +923006081600
Jamal Ahsan Khan Niazi Member +923336831122
Sahibzada Jamil Ahmad Member +923336082379
Dr.A.R.Amir Awan Member +923006099345
Dr.Ahmad Hasan Khan Member +923017804983
Dr.Muhammad Amin ud din Member +923335456555
Prof. Nazir Khan Member  
Prof. Gulam Shabir Member