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Maulana Muhammad Din Shah (Senior Vice President, Khawaja Welfare Society) died on 29th May2011 at age of 76 years in Faisalabad.

He served for more than three decades in Education Department as Teacher. He was very hard working and honest to his profession. Beside, working in education department; he took part in various organizations which were established for betterment of Society. Due to his sincere efforts for people, he was famous in public.

He was one of those members of Khawaja Welfare Society, who laid foundation of Society. He remained GeneralSecretory of Khawaja Welfare Society as well. He participated in every program of Society and gave useful ideas for welfare of people.

President and members of Khawaja Welfare Society paid tribute to his services in field of Welfare and Education.May, Allah Almighty rest his soul in peace (Aameen).

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